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I have certainly questioned what it is I think I am doing by blogging.  I know that I can never be sufficiently intellectually qualified to have the ability to know when a question is a very good question to raise, or what is the best answer to any given question.  And yet I do feel that I am beginning to find a way to cohere my own thoughts, or join up the dots of what were always more random and abstract ideas I had, some of which seemed as though they might be quite good, into a way of seeing that is beginning to make more sense of my world.  But am I side tracking from what would be a better way to spend what time I have left?  Am I lazy not to be out fundraising, or should I rather be helping people to make things better in their life by digging for water so that they don’t have to walk miles to find it?  Should I be giving up what I have accumulated in my life, and find out where I could serve humankind in more useful and practical ways?  All those may be true.  But they don’t feel like they fit onto me, or at least I don’t know where to get started even.  More importantly, I can’t imagine myself doing them.  That feels fundamentally true.  So then what?  I am enjoying applying myself to learning, to writing and reading.  It feels like a change is happening within me.  Can this be good enough?  So then what?  Well, if I am going to go this way what point could there be to it?  All I can think of is that at least I could serve as a witness to all the many experiences I have noted in the last couple of years. Perhaps this is a valid use of my time and of me.  I really hope so.  I shall endeavour to be honest and to question my motivations and my intent. And I shall carry on blogging, for now. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I may be called elsewhere. Nothing stays the same, but equally you could also say nothing ever changes.  Which is true?  I like to think of that as typical of the many heads and tails that life provides us with.

“Everything must have a purpose?” asked God.
“Certainly,” said man.
“Then I leave it to you to think of one for all this,” said God.
And He went away.”
Kurt Vonnegut, Cat’s Cradle

Author: jenniesredbook

Someone who is trying to find the stepping stones that will make a difference to her in this lifetime.

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