Now is the Time

“The key to growth is the production of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” Lao Tzu, c.500 BCE


I am sure there is not a thinking person anywhere who doesn’t accept that changes to our ways of living are needed, both global and deep. My problem is with the people, who are mainly self-appointed to make this happen, the World Economic Forum. Their plan, mainly that of Klaus Schwab, entrenched in the belief that answers lie in technology, digital IDs, vaccines and AI, is to be the basis of The Great Reset which is to be rolled out across the globe. They believe that these tools are the answer to saving the planet, and while they have a role to play, they are not the answer – we, the people are. Our collaboration, our will to return to a relationship that honours nature; a return to a trust in nature and our immune systems; to turn our backs on unquestioned and irresponsible consumerism; and an acceptance that death follows life follows death. I can’t help throwing in that accidents will always happen, hence a little more humility about our individual importance in the scheme of things seems justifiably necessary. I can’t help feeling that it would help if Spirit were asked to return to our lives, even if without organized religion, or at least a recognition that there is something sacred about our souls and about the universe. Haven’t we always thrown the baby out with the bath water – a statement and a question! Wouldn’t it help to just recognise that Earth is our mother and without her we all die!? ‘Mother’ will soon rejuvenate herself after our departure, and with a little help from the Universe she may even birth a new variety of humans more capable of appreciating her gifts. Some of us find it a little easier to mine for hope in our hearts because we already sense the connectedness of all things, but for others it may take a little longer to come to the table.

What the World Economic Forum et al propose smacks of Technocracy; population control, enforcement of a new way of life, including what we may own, what work we may do and for whom we work, what and how much we eat and what medicine we may turn to, and a requirement of complete compliance. It gets darker but I leave it to you to imagine. The extremely powerful and the 1% of humanity with wealth beyond belief plus the invited few are making, and have made, all the decisions about how the future will look and work, backed by The UN, the WHO, Gavi, CEPI and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation etc etc (who, by the way, are all the same people), while we, the 99%, are not invited to join the top table, never mind to help to formulate these ‘great changes’ they have planned for the rest of us.

This is the Plan that many of us object to, and either this coronavirus is their great opportunity, which they have already claimed, or it is a virus put out into the ‘ether’ to facilitate their plans. They have locked us up in our houses and masked us and would like to goggle us too if Tony Fauci gets his way. It certainly is a good way to lessen the risk of us interrupting their plan. Look up ID2020, The Great Reset, Agenda 2020 (the new Agenda 2030), and Event 201 for starters. I have found many more disturbing Papers and Acts. Then there is the reset of education, what we can and cannot eat, what we may take to keep us healthy and what not, the pesticides and the herbicides (that have depleted the agricultural world’s soil—possibly 30 harvests left in it), and now they want to restructure the Earth’s atmosphere because of the climate disaster that appears to be looming, and certainly something is going on with its system. It is hard for any of us to know the truth of what is actually happening because of the confusing and deafening noise they are successfully generating to ensure we remain bewildered and scared. This one-way road began with the Industrial Revolution, and is heading at break-neck speed into the technological revolution, or The Fourth Industrial Revolution, as Klaus Schwab’s book of the same name describes it. The new form of censorship on many platforms, and the hiding of previously available information, articles and papers, has made trying to do broad research almost impossible.

The World Economic Forum, and The Great Reset, manage to paint an anodyne picture of the New Way or Normal in a document that promises to bring peace and dignity for all humanity, and regularly drops in that it has the full support of HRH The Prince of Wales. Those phrases are repeated so many times throughout the document that if I wasn’t suspicious to begin with, it certainly didn’t take long before I was riddled with distrust. It even raises the idea that it may well be time to reassess what it means to be human. Who do they think they are? We, the people, are doing this constantly. If we didn’t consistently try to reimagine and reinvent ourselves how could we have survived the rules and regulations that are heaped on us since those who ‘will to power’ found a route to do so. Are the billionaires really concerned about us or their money? When have the ruling classes in recent decades cared about individual or communal human rights? With the rapidly advancing and increasing role of AI and its algorithms in all decision making and across all platforms and systems that govern all aspects of human life, it doesn’t give me great confidence that individuals will find they have any ability to question these decisions.  These decisions about our lives, by their very nature, will be generic and therefore most likely will work somehow for the majority so ‘suck it up’ those of you who are and choose to live differently. To be an individual has become a dirty word, but it doesn’t mean that one doesn’t understand that if the community thrives so does the individual. It also means that we maintain diversity and keep interest in differences, and what we can learn and benefit from. You try and find the author of a decision made by AI! Do ask yourself who ultimately benefits the most from this, who gets to increase and keep their wealth, who gets to decide on which algorithms to use, who operates the controls, and who gets the most ‘meaning’ from living on a cleaned-up planet —the rest of us supplied with enough of a soothing, happiness-inducing drug that Aldous Huxley, in Brave New World, called Soma to keep us calm and entertained. I don’t say this because of wealth envy—I have none, and love everything that living a simpler life has brought to me. There is nothing that is worth more than the beauty of the natural world, and the contentment and love it engenders in one, and sharing that with others and loved ones. There is a saying that to know and to feel love truly, madly and deeply, one first needs to see the beauty in all of nature, then one has discovered the fabric of love. By that, I include all from the greater universe to the smallest subatomic particle in our own living bodies.

I have many ideas on how we got ourselves into this mess. Number one is the lack of conscious awareness of the interconnectedness of the world and the lack of soul in some of the sciences. This awareness has been growing amongst us, the people, over the last hundred years although those familiar with the philosophers of old and of the writings of the mystics will always have known of this. I cannot go into all the reasons for this view or I would need to write a book, but suffice to say that it is easy to see how a materialist view of the universe and our world would lead us into believing that we are the most important element on this planet, and have the capacity to control it.

I prefer to understand what is going on during these times in terms of cycles or systems rather than the people finding themselves in positions of power although social systems do need instruments. Systems or cycles have been a constant throughout our history. It was an essay by Charles Eisenstein, The Coronation, that got my mind shifting and learning more about systems, and then a book, The Fourth Turning, by William Strauss and Neil Howe, that convinced me that systems could be a clue. Again, I could write forever around this so will leave you to do your own investigating if you haven’t looked into the subject of cycles through the ages.

Something of an aside that I have also been thinking about, but is still connected is how this new focus of looking fits into my recognition of the four-dimensional world that has emerged also over the last one hundred years—the three obvious directions plus space-time. I was also thinking recently that I may even have managed to evolve into a fourth dimensional being. This may sound a bit potty, but this is how I see that as working. Up until recently in our long history, time was mainly considered as following a cyclical movement, following the sun or seasons, the planets, nature of decay, birth, life, death, rebirth etc. But particularly over the last century we have shifted our gaze to viewing time as a linear movement from ‘not knowing’ leading to ‘knowing’, i.e. a progression towards continued improvements in our understanding of who we are, how we live and what the universe is. Through giving my attention to developments in physics and cosmology, and from other more unusual sources, I have come to understand that while time travels in a particular direction it is in the form of a spiral that encircles that directional movement, and it keeps on tracking forward. This then makes it possible for a vector to be driven from any point on the mean line of direction including backwards. I think I am right in saying this requires more than three dimensions. This means that our connection to true time lies beyond the four dimensions that we are most familiar with. I am sure scientists have had fun with this for a very long time but for me it was a revelation of understanding. Someone else who took me by the hand regarding time was a science fiction writer called Philip K Dick who wrote Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which became the basis of the film, Bladerunner. (As words generally, and names in particular, have come to carry great meaning for me, I couldn’t help noticing that the K of his name stands for Kindred.) I am continuing slowly to read his complex book, The Exegesis of Philip K Dick, in which he tries to make sense of an experience of transcendence he had in 1974, which caused an enormous disruption in his understanding of how the world works and the role of God in it. Bladerunner affected me profoundly when I first saw it, as did Mad Max and The Matrix. I could see there was something in the futures that all reflected – a kind of truth.

Wrongly or correctly, as a believer that consciousness continues after death, I also cannot help having a view on what is facing us today. I have closely guarded my personal sovereignty when it comes to religion, and again, I only have my own experiences which tell me that my path is acceptable. The way I see it is, by remaining aware of actions, causes, effects and reactions, there is always the possibility to arrive at a sense as to whether you are on your right path. The indicators, as I see it, are whether irritation, indignation, depression, anger, rage, guilt and other negative emotions, are disrupting your peace, and whether you are managing to live with reduced fear and a general sense of awe towards our planet. I am very aware that what is right for one person does not provide a model of what is right for another. This is what individuality is really about, and is nothing to do with selfishness. We all have different paths we walk, and that is how it should be. The more we appreciate this the more we can support someone else on their own peculiar path.

So that said, my instincts are all telling me that these times we are in do have something to do with crunch times on an existential level or, as I am loath to say, because the world has broadened into a space in which there is little meaning left in the systems we live by that is spiritual. The opportunities for having our lives hijacked by digital and AI technology has never existed before now. I fully appreciate that perhaps something similar could have been said at the start of the Industrial Revolution, and no-one then was able to look forward at all that could go wrong with it; as one example, three generations of appalling factory conditions for men, women and children. At least back then you could see, touch, smell and feel what was driving the Industrial Revolution in ways that never had been witnessed by mankind before. But still these times feel different. Will you know what is going into your vaccines, will you feel confident that your savings can’t easily be taken away, will you know what is written on the chip of data in your hand or brain, will you know what your digital fingerprint is telling someone who asks for it on every transaction? Will you know if you are being watched because you have come into contact with some virus, or happened to have had coffee inadvertently with someone considered by the authorities to be a deviant?

If there was ever going to be a way to bring about World Governance, it would be to smash the economies of the world. Those who have designated themselves as the leading nations now have the remaining countries where they need them to be, under the knee. For the vast majority of countries to survive, they will need massive loans to get back on their knees at least, and those loans will come with demanding ‘provisos’. Any country who thinks they can go it alone will find themselves unable to breathe and there will only be one way forward, comply. It is always wise to follow the money, look to those who stand to stand above you, who will benefit the most, or have the most to lose—it may be hard to get your head around this but if no planet, then no them, and their enormous wealth becomes meaningless. So, having returned to where I started, it feels like the right place to end this blog. But not without saying that I do also spend a lot of time visualising how I would like a Renaissance to look. More on that in another blog.

So, is now the time?


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I have just ordered the following book. Its title stood out for me. Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, by Patrick M. Wood

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