The Acorn Stays Close to Mother

If you are the dealer I’m out of the game. If you are the healer it means I am broken and lame. If thine is the glory then mine must be the shame. You want it darker, we kill the flame. Hineni Hineni (I am with you, my Lord.)
Leonard Cohen, from the album, You Want it Darker.

It has been a long while since my last blog. I started writing at 5.30am in my bed with one canine friend on either side of me. I can just see the pink fingers of dawn reach out through the sky to herald a new day, and I am so grateful to be alive. Small flocks of tiny aerial ‘gleefuls’, also happy for a new day, are darting hither and thither, constantly checking in with one another as they decide on a plan for the day. The sheep in the field on two sides of us have been brought closer to the farmer’s home for the winter, while on the other side there is a flock of seventeen black and dainty sheep that greet us as we come and go from home.

I have in fact written but not completed six blogs since my last one in June, the most recent only a few days ago. But every time I return to them I am conscious of there being something of the past about them. It is not that they have become irrelevant but rather that they no longer feel urgent. In the last couple of days something has felt more pressing, and when it comes to feelings I listen closely. I recognise that I have been on a low simmer for most of my life, but still always slowly turning things over in my mind; observations of my fellow humans, disappointments, regrets, aha moments, and times of drought, but always going deeper into things that confound me and making exciting self-discoveries. But the last five years, and particularly the last three years, has seen the flame of life deep in my soul, my beating heart, being fuelled higher and higher as I yearn to discover more. My husband, Peter, and I have been learning and exploring new and old ideas, discussing what is meaningful to us, and both of us have an awareness of how we have, and are still being, changed from within. It feels like the right time to express my truth, and more importantly, succinctly. Pete has often said that if you cannot write down your idea on a cigarette box it is not likely to be understood, helpful or lead to change.

I truly believe that we are living through times unlike any other that our civilisation has ever experienced before. My reason for saying this is that there has never been one matter that has taken over globally as if every country is speaking from the same hymn book. Another way of putting this – we are living through dystopian and existential times. For my part, this is the end of something and there will eventually be a new birth. The death may go on for days, years, decades or centuries, but eventually there will be a rebirth of something completely new and probably unimaginable. 

What we are experiencing now is in some ways nothing new. We, the masses, have been forever kept in the dark on pretty much everything that would help us question events historical and present, science, attitudes and laws, and now, with the huge surge in censorship and the ever-present fact-checkers, more so even than in the past. We are not to know anything that could jeopardise our trust in those who have successfully kept themselves in power, socially, politically, spiritually and financially. I know I am skirting quickly over this subject but I am assuming that you know as much as I do about the deceptions that have always been perpetrated upon the masses to make sure we stay in our realm and leave the realm of power to others. But not anymore is this even kept particularly hidden from us. Now it seems as though they are so brazenly confident that they are content to be seen for who they are, and they show us just how far they are prepared to go to disregard our human rights. They are not even concerned with being called out for breaking any and whichever laws they like. Constitution/First Amendment, what constitution/first amendment! I have to assume that they believe they have actually and finally won the war.  Let’s hope this will lead to their downfall.

I also believe that most of the world’s population, excluding those living as the last few indigenous tribes, have been wittingly or unwittingly exchanging their souls for science. Rudolf Steiner says ‘the materialist epoch began in the 1400’s’. We are seeing the results of this gradual movement onwards into the materialist future that has sped up at an exponential rate over the last hundred years. It was roughly a century ago when Nietzsche did his best to warn us against ‘killing God’ which is obvious if you are familiar with The Parable of the Mad Man. I think he knew that we would, and that he would be blamed for it. So, to summarise, I believe that we are living in a time where some of us are battling to understand those who are living in a hypnotised state, hypnotised by those who no longer have a soul, and have finally mastered how to control us through fear, deception and propaganda. As just as we battle to understand them so they struggle to understand us and our curious spiritual ways.

We are now living in a time when technologically it has become possible to envisage a way to seize a total and controlling grip on humanity, especially as we seem no longer to have any allegiance to a Higher Being, and what little of religiosity is left has its adherents dulled by its ‘irrelevant’ message or so high on evangelism that they have become separated from God’s main emissary, Nature. It should not be a surprise to us that world dominance is the natural next step of a desire to be lord, king or emperor that has always existed since the beginning of modern times. It should also be clear by now that people of faith are understood to be the main threat to world domination. Their allegiance is with a higher power. People who believe that Mankind is One and of The Oneness, whose goal is to live with and by Nature, that science is an ongoing and philosophical process, and that there can be no question that we exist here by virtue of a Great Designer. Reality is becoming more and more whimsical, mysterious and elusive as we gain deeper knowledge in the field of quantum physics. We may not know the why’s and wherefore’s  of the full picture but we feel, and are constantly reminded, that there is life beyond death, that karma exists and extends across multiple lifetimes, and that there is no escaping the consequences of all the big decisions we make in this one lifetime full of sweet sorrow. The meaning of life begins to feel tangible.

That said, and while we seekers chase truth, we learn not to fall prey to the fear that one can almost smell from those who surely must have fallen into a mass psychosis. If this is not so, then how else can one explain the massive chasm that has opened up between those who stand fully with their governments’ narrative and those who see a completely different picture. They see us as ‘others’ and as being responsible for withholding ‘a return to normal’. But it is a time for us of the alternative variety to acknowledge that no-one or any alliance of ‘good guys’ is going to save us. Each and every one of us needs to learn of our complicity in all that has gone wrong, and how the answers we need lie within us and not without. It will only be by each of us finding out how we can help move things in the right direction and peacefully. It helps to see ourselves as ‘one with all’, and with heaven and earth, and every other being as a brother or sister. It helps to start up conversations/prayers with the universe, to know that we can communicate with all creatures large and small, to constantly seek out the beauty in Nature, and once we do, we discover that doing the inner work alleviates fear and elevates joyfulness and gratitude.

This is probably when I go a little strange, but there again, maybe not. I don’t think that we are alone here on Earth in our battle between good and evil, although I can quite understand why people feel deserted for so many reasons. There is a battle going on in the spiritual plane too, and perhaps ours pales into insignificance against theirs. It is probably more accurate to say that both the earthly and the spiritual battle are equally important, vital perhaps even. And perhaps we could say that ours is the harder one because it is us who battle blindly and alone because we only have a belief structure to guide and comfort us. Those battling on the other side of the veil have the benefit of total self-knowledge through enlightened consciousness and a unity of purpose, and clearly know their enemies. Through my hours spent with the writings of Rudolf Steiner, and now the audios of his lectures and books on YouTube, I have began to see things differently. It no longer feels delusional to imagine the spiritual realms and my inner life feels richer, more imaginative and definitely more hopeful. It does feel like the eternal battle between good and evil has got a whole lot hotter more recently, and existentially more urgent. Perhaps we are considered to be ready to take it on, or perhaps God is losing his patience with us. Perhaps this is the Apocalypse. I see a mega-battle happening in the heavens, tridents flying, and they urgently need us to produce a raised energy/vibration, through insight, discernment and deep courage, to help them push on through ultimately for us, and the more we send, the more of an energetic return for us. An interesting synchronicity, and you know how much I like them, is that the war that is being fought in both planes involves an invisible cloak. As we may have no proof of their existence so is the war down here happening behind the curtains – no bombs or missiles, just threats to our very existence, of being allowed to live freely a wholesome and meaningful life on a healthy planet. As always in life, everything ends up being a two-way stream. Perhaps it is, as many say, all about us; that we are the most precious of all God’s creations. And in success we become truly One, living a thousand years of peace in our beautiful garden – awesome Earth. Our dual nature of light and dark, our inner yin and yang, now no longer a burden as belief turns to knowing, and a knowing that all is love, and is all love. The more my soul draws in on this way of looking at things, the less interested I am in the drama of the battle, and the more at peace I feel. But we must not forget that we cannot sit back and wait to be ‘saved’. Here I think it has something to do with not being afraid to stand firmly but always kindly, inclusively not exclusively, without being opinionated or judgmental of others, in our truth, and never wavering from it no matter who we are talking to or what we may prefer to avoid. That is definitely always going to be the big challenge for us all as our enemy starts to squeeze us ever harder.

My words may well not fit onto a cigarette box, sorry Peter. I tried but who could write the problems of the world on such a tiny box? The only photo that I wanted to join up with my words is a photo of an albino oak sapling. The exception that bravely probes the rule. Because it has no chlorophyll in its leaves, it is unable to extract and provide itself with the vital sugars it needs to grow and thrive. The only reason it survives is through the support of the tree community around it, and especially its mother tree. She and they ensure it receives all it needs to continue to grow. Through all of our obsession with Darwinism ‘proving’ that we live in a competitive world of the survival of the fittest, and at the mercy of attempting to keep death at bay, Nature shows us that we thrive much better when we collaborate.

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Someone who is trying to find the stepping stones that will make a difference to her in this lifetime.

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