The Tightrope Walker

Thank you for letting me use your image, Claire Beynon

Staggering, tripping, stumbling down the tightrope,
hastening to be set free.
Yearning to be protected by the Superhero,
before the Villain’s revulsion ingests me.

Misplacing my footing on the tightrope,
hands sweltering as the rope is pulled away.
Glancing down at the fire below me,
the chuckling Villain has won today.

Little did I know, it was He setting me free.
Little did I know, the tightrope was me.” 

― Omrane Khuder

The universal coherence of fear is the true cause of most deaths in the last few years in the book of our times that I am reading. Couple that to the natural passing of those who have achieved their maximum number of years of life with those who have been truly and seriously unwell for some time, and we have the total number of deaths of what looks like a devastating disease. But I do think that for many people there is a stirring taking place; an irksome scratch in their souls that there has to be something else going on. How else does one get almost complete coherence happening across the whole globe? As the pandemic and its solution is presented to us, things no longer stack up neatly. The belligerence and foot stamping behaviour of our leaders is becoming less and less statesmen like. Why, when the target of over 70% of the first world’s population is vaccinated is this no longer good enough for them?  

In fact, the growing stacks of confusion and misbehaviour are getting so high, so prolific and so unstable that I think it is about to come crashing down around our ears in this year of 2022. Certainly predicted in the stars as any good astrologer will tell you. 

This could be a dangerous time on so many levels for us all. From feeling that one has been deceived in the most treacherous of ways, to a rising sense of hopelessness, while for a few others, a cathartic relief that the truth is at last coming out, we will be entering new territory. 

Whether we are consumed by chaos (of the unknown) or rise above it may be dependent on the work that has already begun; to shore up communities, to creating new bonds and solutions, to leading the way out of a technocratic hell that we have been busy making for ourselves for over a hundred years, and towards a new way of being—the collaborative human who values through honour, nature and our planet; who knows that every man, woman and child is sacred just as our environment is too. A people who no longer support borders and papers, and no longer give themselves as fuel to those who try to maintain those borders and papers. A people who no longer believe that achievements and possessions define their status and worth. A true one for all and all for one, not this hollow version that only leads us into slavery. 

It has been a slow drip from our ‘democratic’ leaders and their governments, that they only have our backs in mind in all they do for us, that only they can make life worthwhile for us, and that those who trust in them, and follow their leadership, are the good citizens who care about what happens to others. I can now see that this is becoming for some not as comfortable space as they thought it would be, as they watch family and friends being demonised. They can also feel that governments are coming for the last few of our freedoms; the ones we have managed to hold onto because they represent what makes us human—freedom of speech, freedom to move around, and the biggee, to have bodily autonomy. They never thought for one moment that this could ever happen; that our basic freedoms at least were safely sacrosanct. Once these are gone, that is it. We will not have the means to get them back, and more and more we will become as lifeless as automatons. 

I remember wondering many years back, hearing about how fish in the sea have been found to have micro beads of plastic in their living cells, and how plastic was breaking down into these indestructible micro beads that are littering our seas, rivers and soil. Probably only a matter of time before we are breathing them in too. I wondered whether one day we would wake up and find we are more plastic than not. I now see where that vision links with our future. Once people accept being chipped (the QR codes and ‘vaccine passports’ being the first step), and maybe for now these chips will be limited to just being repositories of easily-accessible medical information. But does anything stay the same and does not everything fall into the wrong hands eventually? They will be uploaded to and downloaded from within an alarmingly short period of time. These are already designed and available and just waiting for the right moment.

Because what is happening is global, and because I see the foot-stamping from ‘frustrated’ politicians (who are not seen to be hitting their target number of vaccinees?) about the small and, most would agree, rather insignificant number of people who don’t want to be vaccinated, I know it has been possible for anyone, if willing, to see that the digitalisation of mankind is what this so-called health scare has always been about. 

Because of who I am, I also view things I see both in my right hand and in my left hand—the Materialist world and the Spiritual world. There is a synchronicity apparent for anyone who wants to see the big picture. This is creating its own new issues for those who find that they are nursing a terrible itch in their souls. It is what nurtures that baby that is anger. This anger manifests on every level of understanding that is available to humans including to those who feel trapped by what is playing out. They may feel trapped because their pride won’t let them step away. They may feel trapped because to believe what I say is just too awful to contemplate. They may feel trapped because to jump across to the minority is frightening. They may feel trapped because perhaps there is more to life than just matter. How do we change the habits of a lifetime. There is only one way to move through and out of anger—to find what makes us feel joyfully alive within. To find our authentic voice—the one that when we hear others speak, or when we hear ourselves being our true selves can’t help but find a deeply beautiful smile expanding across our faces. Entering the unknown, one sure foot at a time on the tightrope across the abyss, is not as scary as we may perceive it to be. In the end, it has little to do with ‘getting back to normal’. I have found it interesting and encouraging to observe how little that world appeals to more and more people these days.

Another year may have passed, and I don’t know about you but so many more lessons have been learnt. Almost everyone I know has been changed, for the good mostly, in one way or another. We must surely be in an accelerating time of change.

On a personal level, I am happy and keep busy. I find a lot in life to chuckle and laugh about, and this amused me today. A few weeks ago I had a cataract operation. The next morning, as I looked out my window and across the shire, I immediately noticed that every colour had a lot more shades to it. I had chosen a good quality distance lens for my left and dominant eye and therefore my favourite. I had not appreciated though that while it was letting me down on distance viewing, it was actually my dominant eye for close up work like reading and painting. It is now useless and blurry for close up, and I have needed to use my right eye only for reading purposes. The irony of having to consciously use my left or my right eye for optimising my viewing pleasure is not lost on me. The way we see the world and its doings is just from one viewpoint or another. Soon, though, I will have a new pair of glasses that will tame my left eye for close up work, and get them back to working harmoniously together.

Here is to all the changes that 2022 is determined to bring, and I am reminded of my early years spent with the iChing texts, the Book of Changes. We need to recognise, and pay a lot more attention to, and how to understand the meanings revealed by the ever-changing world that we live in. What better way is there to live out our lives than by promoting the coherence of our hearts and our heads, to give us the best chance at reading the meaning to us and our planet of these changes? What role do we play in our own destiny?

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Someone who is trying to find the stepping stones that will make a difference to her in this lifetime.

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