Fireflies, even



Fireflies, a musical accompaniment for this blog, was written by Adam R. Young, and performed beautifully by Owl City.

I have dithered about whether I should publish this blog or not, but after ‘collecting’ the above performance from YouTube, and first seeing that it had nearly 340,000,000 views which is a wow number, I then noticed that it was put online on 15 December 2009. I am a sucker for time collisions especially those that score a ten!

On 13 December 2019, I posted a photo of a sunset on WhatsApp. That sunset, as I walked out of our backdoor, instantly took my breath away and filled me with a foreboding sense that the world was on fire. The next morning a year-old memory revealed that I had posted an identical experience on FB on the same day last year, 13 December 2018. Little did I know last year of what lay ahead for me personally. My beautiful, kind, endlessly intriguing Mad Hatter of a brother, who self-identified with what was truthful in the world, and for whom Jesus and Shiva shone brightly, going through his own existential psychotic crisis that appeared to be based in how he was going to take best care of himself into his future, amongst other personal deep routed battles. He will never be forgotten.

Synchronicity has been a friend to me throughout my life, and while all I say and write is born of my own mind, I also fully accept that I may get things wrong sometimes, but not intentionally.

In my view, we, all people living today, are in the midst of a societal existential crisis between good and evil. Whatever you call the struggle I don’t think one can deny it exists. This feels clear to me. We have ‘killed God’ and Nietzsche’s words ring in my ears. Without our gods, our souls have starved from a lack of true Love. And without love, all ethics and morality become bendable and expendable—we do not fear the ultimate recrimination from a higher source.

I cannot believe that Boris Johnson, Gove, Reese-Mogg and their acolytes can change the spots they were born with because, for some reason, they are not able to see beyond themselves—the mental condition we refer to as Narcissism comes to mind, again. In my view, they are representative of a group of sinister people gaining traction and power throughout our world. The connection to their souls has been lost, revealed by the regular smirks they struggle to keep hidden when speaking of what they do know not to be true, in order to get the support they need to swing the result in their direction. Where I hope we find ourselves is on the cusp of the ‘grand reveal’, and the alignments and support given to the Republican Party in the US and the Conservative Party in the UK couldn’t be lit brighter. But I think things will get worse before they get better. What we see now reveals our slippage down a muddy slope as we edge closer to the evils as delivered to us by great literature like George Orwell’s 1984 (the dangers that come from all extremism), and Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale (how evil can be hidden within a political movement disguised in the clothes of piety and morality and then sold to the people a something they should fight for). The Cabal of Evil sits centre stage in much of the world of politics today.  Will the much-talked-about awakening of our souls happen in time to save us all from terrible atrocities, and a devastated landscape as the lights go out on our planet? I can hear it said that why would people who also have families put us and the planet in harm’s way. This is because the members of the cabal, having lost connection with their hearts, and therefore devoid of compassion, cannot see the logical outcome of their plan as they continue to reap the benefits in the here and now. But as our Prime Minister’s family move away from him, it is equally likely that his children may not see eye-to-eye with him either. There will always be hope.

But it is hard to hold onto that hope when I fear dangers where others see only conspiracy theories. Evil is already reaching down deep into our society—governments who want to over-regulate the way we live our lives, who also want to regulate/control our World Wide Web, Black Ops, private armies, ‘pharmas’, weapon industries, chemical weapons, mass vaccinations, and who don’t care that thousands are dying from war and starvation, the depletion of our planet’s mineral reserves, the trashing of our oceans, massive extinctions of plants and animals, and finally, one of the most scary future landscapes, the rapid development of ‘machines of war’ (AI—I can’t help noting also that I watched the original Matrix again a few nights ago.). What use does the power machine have for the masses in the coming decades? They don’t need them to slave away for their benefit anymore. The fact that the great danger facing the world today is over population leads me to wonder why it is not being discussed by the media. I can remember how high this debate was on the world’s agenda in the 70’s. Then the global population was 3.68 billion, and today it has virtually doubled. Their predictions must have been surpassed. Now there is silence. And so too is there a silence regarding the 50% drop in male sperm and motility counts in the West over the last 60 years, and there is not a consensus from the world’s best scientists on why this is.

I am a proud to be a conspiracy theorist, but I am also discerning. Conspiracies can be good or bad according to available supporting data. No-one can deny that they dwell within the same rules that govern all else on this planet. Nothing functions outside of our world’s and our own dual natures. If we don’t challenge ourselves, our knowledge petrifies, and we die without progressing to become better versions of humankind. A trashed incarnation. To open our hearts and dig around in our psyches is the very least that the great and wise universe asks of us simple souls. I hope to be around for the emergence of The Alliance for Good.

Evil, like any earthly system, requires that people give their permission to those seeking to take control of power—something that has been understand forever on a religious and philosophical level. We saw this at work in the US where Trump was able to swing the vote against the Democrats by gaining the support of the poorest in the nation, the ‘Blue-collar workers’, normally referred to as the ‘working class’ in the UK. In many countries around the world the poorest communities believe that the Far Right and Nationalism, having almost given up on socialism, will give them a fair share of their country’s wealth and safeguard the workers’ rights, and there are always people ready and waiting to claim any ground to meet their addictions to power. Extremism has never worked out well for the people, whether you look left or right. Honestly, I will say that there is a lack of vision—that is, no depth contemplation, a form of naivety—on both sides of the divide, even though there are always many still-beating good hearts on all sides—but they rarely crave power in the same destructive way. The question begs to be heard—are ‘isms’ ever the answer? I can’t help feeling that we tribes need to give up all allegiances and concentrate on being better human beings. This way perhaps we could keep away from the seats of power begging to be filled. Perhaps then only will human beings have something longer than a few days’ lifecycle, like the 4th stage of the Firefly, on this 4.5 billion-year-old planet called Earth.

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Someone who is trying to find the stepping stones that will make a difference to her in this lifetime.

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