Covid or Covert

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I am sitting here at 4.30am writing because I cannot fall back to sleep. I wake up every night a few times (versions of this have been going on for over a decade now) as my body goes through a period of vibrations, and usually as soon as it stops, after 5-15 minutes, I go straight back to sleep. But occasionally I don’t. This is one of those nights as I find myself considering the worst and the best that may lie on the horizon and beyond. We are in for a lot of both, and somehow those of us that can help in some way must do what we can, for starters, by providing encouragement to ‘hang in there’ without giving out hollow hope, by spreading what money we have around no matter that it may be all we have left, by not pointing fingers and laying blame at nations, communities and individuals, for which the consequences could be grave and dark, and by trying not to jump to conclusions when nobody knows the answers to any of this. A proportion of every population is going to behave unreasonably, and worse, because of fears that they don’t have the experiences to know how to still, while others have fear because they know that they face very real health risks of not coming through this. And that is excluding the fear of an economic uncertainty like we have never faced before.

I can see, just by looking right at the green dots on the news feed of my Facebook page, that there are a lot of people struggling to sleep through the night. We are all going to have to dig deep into our psyches, and drag our higher selves up from the murky and unfamiliar depths. The really hard part may be the length of time that we will need to endure this pandemic and somehow manage to sustain some positivity. I suspect we shall be sorely tested for a long time. I don’t know whether to be super realistic, and not shy away from what is frightening about our global situation, or to see what is happening as a catalyst for the change I have wished and hoped for over recent years, a change that could save our oceans and forests, our bees and insects, well really, our whole natural world and thereby keep us safe in the process too. We have all heard David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg and many others, tell us that our current lifestyle is unsustainable, and while we have heard this and know it to be true, none of us could imagine how it was going to be possible to affect a ‘back track’. I can’t help considering whether this is an intervention from Gaia, giving us that ‘clap’ across the back of our heads as she tires of giving us little reminders to be careful. Or is it the collective consciousness giving back to us what many have been manifesting for some years now? Maybe it is nothing more than simply a random default position on what we have failed to prepare for as a result of overpopulation of the planet, along with bad farming practices, and a lack of care and foresight about where our consumerist and hedonistic desires would ultimately bring us to?

It does seem to me that we have been ‘carrying on as normal’ on borrowed time for many decades now. It is a century and a year since the last major pandemic, Spanish Flu. Could it be that this planet has more in common with the much-known-about Gaia model than the myth-less, godless and random solitary rock of life roaming selfishly through our galaxy in the loneliest universe one could ever imagine? I have had the growing point of view that we have been floating blindly and backwards in time, rather than progressing, for at least the last two millennia, with a few tribes who have always rejected our ways, and mystics, old and new, trying to warn us of the error of our ways. Over recent years I have come across many ‘mystics’ practicing in the scientific arenas who are available to us all if we care to find them—mostly lonely voices speaking to the already converted, but constantly reminding those of us hearing them that if we can manifest good intent in thought and in actions, it will eventually grow in the collective consciousness, and it may seed back to us creative ways to recreate a heavenly future on this, the planet we call Earth. But I can understand just how inconceivable this is, and I am one who believes this could be possible! Could we really change our ways without impetus to do so? I certainly couldn’t wish what appears to be our near future on any one of us, whoever or whatever we are.

Author: jenniesredbook

Someone who is trying to find the stepping stones that will make a difference to her in this lifetime.

2 thoughts on “Covid or Covert”

  1. As ever you manage to express so eloquently exactly how I am feeling. There is for me an emotion like excitement more positive expectancy….. That when we are done with this, at whatever cost in lives (50 million lost to Spanish flu worldwide) there will have been enough of a shock, a jolt, a realisation, the way we are, the way we live and function., is no longer sustainable…. And amid all this there is still persecution of the innocents feeding the war mongerers’ trade, Starving of nations etc etc. Yesterday I saw the value of my nest egg cut in half. And I am so very grateful I know I’m one of the lucky ones.


    1. Yes, to all of your comments, Jenny. We lost our nest egg a while back and again I too know and have felt that I am one of the lucky ones. Total acceptance without giving up on hope and love, is now my motto. Those of us who recognise the opportunity for the planet and its people in adversity must hold each other near albeit as a virtual hug. It is going to be hard to keep focussed on the best way forward in our approach and in our communications.


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